315W CMH CDM Grow Light Kit W/Bulb 120/240V Replace 4X300W/2X600W/1.2X1000W LED Grow Light (Enclosed CMH 315W(3100K))


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CMH 315W Enclosed Reflector Grow Light Kit w/ 3100K Bulb
Imported German aluminum reflector
Size:18" Long x 9.5" Wide x 10" High
Input 16AWG/3C SJTW 105℃ 300V Cord, 120V 5-15P Plug , L=16FT
Mounting plate: 1.5mm Galvanized sheet with white powder coating.
PGZX18 lamp holder,4KV
Ideal as both supplementary and standalone lighting
Highly efficient - puts out 1.9 micromole per watt of electricity

315W Mini Digital Ballast
Case size: 7.6" (L) 5.10" (W) 2.63"(H)
Super cute and light
Input: 120/240V / 50~60Hz,
High Power Factor of 95.0%
Crest Factor<1.7
UL/CUL, CE Listed

315w CMH 3100K bulb
High 1.95 PPFD per second light source
3100k color temperature, High 92cri, 33,000 initial lumens (105Lm/W)
High 90% lumen maintenance at 8,000 hr / High 85%
Expected Life Span (hr): 20,000
Unique Open Rated Lamp construction reduces radiant heat from the arc tube
Extremely high PAR levels
A blinding intensity that's clearly visable with the naked eye

1/8" rope Hangers
Raise and lower light fixture in one simple movement.
Locking mechanism
1/8" rope that supports up to 75 lbs of tension (150 lbs total)
High quality stainless steel latches
Compatible with all parabolic and round reflectors, as long as hooks and locking latch suit.
Perfect for hanging reflectors, light fixtures, carbon filters and ventilation equipment.

Package includes:
1 x enclosed reflector with 315w ballast
1 x 315w 3100K lamp
1 pair of heavy duty 1/8" rope hangers / metal hooks
1 x 120V Power cord


  • Enclosed CMH 315W(3100K) Grow Light w/ DISCREET SHIPPING
  • One bulb (3100k bulb) provides the full light spectrum and can be used for bloom stages better.
  • Coverage area is 4ft*4ft,that means bigger harvest and less cost
  • 120/240V Wide Voltage Ballast
  • A higher temperature creating light much closer to the sun's.


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